The Popemobile (Popembl)

We are disability support workers with a passion for creating meaningful suported employment opportunities.

What does this mean for the Popembl?

Well, while it is capable of transporting a participant in a wheelcair, we also have a Hiace Commuter for that purpose. So it’s a matter of horses for courses. At the moment the Popembl is laden with tools as we have a number of projects we are working on.

We are mobile and we are on the move from location to location tending to our tasks.

  • Each week we collect food waste from various locations. We take this to Lakeside Drive Community Garden (LDCG) for composting. Enjoyable ‘work’.
  • The tools are for gardening, composting and building work as required. Community gardens are places of engagement in Nature and to connect with good, like-minded people. We help build the infrastructure assets a community garden needs to support this.
  • We also have a home we look after where we provide Independent Living Options (ILO)  for participants. Your home is your castle and freshly cut grass is something to be celebrated.

When you see us in the Popembl, give us a wave. We’re actually involved in tending to our meaningful, supported employment activities. There are opportunities out there.

Contact us if you would like to share the journey.

Celebrate everything.

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