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Eager Greenie is a brand new community platform dedicated to connecting and inspiring people who care about our planet.

Why is Eager Greenie different to other social media platforms? 3 reasons:

  1. Only green content. Period. Our members don’t want to read a post about what you had for breakfast, but they may want to know how you are sourcing sustainable ingredients, or which cafes are composting their food waste.
  2. Priority posting. Every single post on Eager Greenie has a right to start at the top of the community stream, to inspire others to take action for our planet. We don’t mind if you post once or a hundred times a month – it only takes one good idea to inspire others and only you should get to decide what content you see.
  3. No Ads. Our members are our customers, not our product. We don’t exploit your data for third party advertising revenue, nor do we use algorithms to advertise to you in our platform. In fact, you will never see sponsored advertising in your feed on Eager Greenie, as we are supported by our members.

Enter Discount code “EGNetworker” at checkout to get your first year of Greenie Networker membership for FREE!

This offer is only for a limited time, so click here to join us, and share this invite with individuals, businesses or governments you think might benefit from our community!

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