Affiliate Program

We want to reward you for referring new premium members to our platform, and we want to make it EASY for you.

Check your elegibility

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You can check your eligibility for the program and the current Affiliate Terms & Conditions here.

Step 1

You fill out the Affiliate Application Form and we will review your website and how you plan on promoting our platform (just a few sentences is all we need). It is very important that your website is complementary to our green values and we reserve the right to reject applications that don’t align with this. All applications will be processed within 48 hours.

Step 2

We will contact you via the email you have provided to notify you of the outcome of your application or to request further information. If you are successful, we will also need a copy of one of your invoices, to ensure it includes all the relevant details required for payment in Australia.

Step 3

Your in! We will give you a FREE, lifetime Greenie Influencer Membership so that you can get familiar with the premium features of our platform. You will also get your unique referral link and access to your Affiliate Dashboard where you can track your earnings and payouts.

Commission Info

We pay a flat 40% (inc GST) of the total initial membership payment. There is no subsequent payments for the ongoing subscription, it is just a commission on the initial sign up.

For example:

Greenie Networker annual membership is $19 per year – you earn $7.60 on sign up.

Greenie Influencer (Monthly) membership is $9.90 per month – you earn $3.96 on sign up.

Greenie Influencer (Annual) membership is $99 per year – you earn $39.60 on sign up.

Please note: Payouts are held for 30 days from the new member sign up date, to align with our refund policy. Payments are then made via bank transfer within 3 days of receipt of eligible tax invoice.


To be eligible for this program, you must maintain an active, relevant website, possess an active Australian Business Number (ABN) and be able to invoice us for your commissions earned. Our commissions include GST, but you don’t need to be registered to take part.

Please Note: Failure to produce an eligible tax invoice within 30 days of the payout due date will result in non payment of your commissions and cancellation of your registration in the program


Please be aware that we can cancel this program or cancel your registration at anytime, at our discretion. Any payments owing to you at the time of cancellation will be paid to you as part of the cancellation process and all links and access to our resources will be cancelled. Participation in the current program does not guarantee registration on future programs.


Please forward all questions or queries relating to this program to

Note: The current program will expire at 12pm AWST, 30th June 2024. No commissions will be paid for signups after this expiry.